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Sijil Software Solutions creates comprehensive integrated financial solutions, which are designed for small to medium sized companies in the Kingdom and Middle East.
Sijil dedicates itself to finding the most reliable solutions possible for automating or streamlining mission-critical business tactics. We also aim to provide expert support for our ventures.

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SIJIL Standard
General features of the Sijil Standard

Sijil Standard comes with the entire features as provided by Sijil Lite,

apart from that Sijil Inventory module can give you up - to - minute’s purchase, sales, customer and vendor information. This module is designed to provide you with accurate information in all aspects of Inventory to ensure that all tools are available to manage and control inventory in most accurate manner.

General system features

Company Start up wizard

Our new company start up wizard will get you started in a breeze. You can easily create a new company based on the pre-defined templates or copying from existing company or start a new company from scratch.

Chart of Account and Opening balance

Opening balance: You can easily enter your opening balance  by taking advantage of our intuitive interface that allows you to easily perform sort, filter or search by account name, account group, account id or balance.  Alternatively, you can import the opening balance from Excel using import wizard.  You can export your data to excel or print it to perform any checks and verifications to your entry.  Attaching all supporting document via the attachment button that allow multiple documents to be attached for easier  retrieval of  these documents whenever needed.

Chart of Account: The ability to create unlimited number of accounts and branches using our powerful tree view that makes navigating and organizing  your accounts effortless task.  You can create budgets, and view the ledger for each account with the ability to filter by posted, void, type, date, reference, and amount of the transaction.  You can double click a transaction to open that record and check it.  The  Task tab will help you review all events related to this account and the Chart tab will show the data of your account in  rich, visually appealing presentation that compares your record with the budget. 

Bank and Bank Reconciliation Statement

Setting up your bank accounts  is easy you just have to choose an Id and link it to a GL account id. The Transaction tab allows you to view the bank ledger with the ability to filter by posted, void, type, date, reference, and amount of the transaction.  You can double click a transaction to open that record and check it.  The  Task tab will help you review all events related to this bank.

Check designer form is a powerful design tools that allows you to create check templates from scratch or use the built in templates so you can print your checks. Once you design how you want to print your checks you will be able to  track check numbers, issued checks, pending checks, void and easily manage all your bank accounts.  Easily reconcile all your bank accounts with bank reconciliation form that allows you to find and search transaction by date, type, amount, and reference.  Summary of your  reconciliation report is show at the top of the form with all the details.

GL, Journal Voucher, Credit Voucher and Debit Voucher

Transaction entry throughout all vouchers is easier and faster as you can take advantage of memorized vouchers, and memorized descriptions. Our short cut functions makes data entry faster by allowing you to copy above using the F4 button, or balance the transaction using F3. 

Our recurring transaction can take care of all your transaction that occur at a regular interval within the accounting period with the same attributes.   You have the ability to post, batch post or un post and void these vouchers.  Finding vouchers can be easily performed  using sort, filter or search by voucher date, voucher type, voucher reference,  posted,  unposted and void.    

Bilingual Support

Sijil Software Solutions creates comprehensive integrated financial solutions, which are designed for small to medium sized companies in the Kingdom and Middle East. SIJIL ERP supports native user interfaces in Arabic and English languages.

Drill down to transactions

Sijil reports can be drilled down or drilled up from a transaction to view summarized information for a set of transactions, or details about a specific transaction can be seen easy to read financial statements.

Sijil financial statements are designed in such a way that makes life easy in revealing the financial health of an organization. Sijil financial statements help you understand a company’s financial position and make good decisions in relation to the organization. The major financial statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement are few of the financial reports from the ample number of professional reports available in the Sijil Application.

Smart Dashboard

Sijil Dashboard keeps key financial statements and other valuable information all on one page Allows you to Know exactly where your business stand at a glance.

Export reports to Excel and other formats

Sijil Reporting supports a variety of format and document standards to assure that its reports can be exported, printed, and further updated, edited, shared, and presented by the end-user. Some of the formats that the reporting export tool supports are

Word, PowerPoint
Adobe PDF
Rich Text Format (RTF)
Comma separated values (CSV)

Vast number of comprehensive Reports

Sijil brings you over 130+ Customizable Reports and Financial Statements, Apart from that sijil have ample number of reports on other modules as well such as Accounts Payables, Account Receivables, Management Accounts, Inventory Management, Fixed Asset, HRMS and Payroll and so on.

Stock Control & Costing

Having accurate, up-to-date on hand balances and knowing the value of your inventory are central to being able to manage your inventory investment. Ensuring that the inventory you do have is the inventory you need is critical to your success.

With the tight, seamless integration that the SIJIL Inventory module offers, you can rest assured that you have the tools you need to manage your inventory and gain better control than before

Assembly / Disassembly

Sijil has a strong feature of Assembly and Disassembly for the stock items as per the business requirement.

Stock Adjustment & Inventory Transfer

Sijil Inventory tracks and summarizes item quantities at the storage-location level for the business unit, providing an instantaneous view of material position when you need it. Sijil Inventory also keeps inventory balances accurate by completing ad hoc adjustments and transferring material within business units.

Purchase Order Management

The Sijil Purchasing Module provides complete purchasing control to generate and track purchase orders from PO issue to receipts. The Purchasing module provides controls for the complete procurement process, from vendor quoting through receiving, inspection, cost accrual and vendor payment.

Vendor quotes are collected against items with multiple vendor price comparisons used by the system to recommend vendor selection for each purchase order. Requisitions can be entered by users. Once approved, requisitions can be automatically converted to Purchase Orders. An item may be received directly to a specific job, or simply to its primary stocking location. The Sijil Purchasing Module is a transaction based system which captures all purchasing transactions once a purchase order has been created and issued. In addition, Sijil Purchasing Module is tightly integrated with all Sijil modules including receiving, and the accounts payable system to track cost, receipts, and vendor performance

Sales Order Management

Sijil sales Module provides efficiency in sales and distribution process in an organization to maintain its competitive edge, hence increased efficiency in sales and distribution is a key factor to ensure that companies retain a competitive edge and improve both profit margins and customer service. In helping business to 'beat them on delivery', the Sales module offers a comprehensive set of best-of-bred component for both order and logistics management.

Report information

Your transactions and information at your finger tips

Statement of account
The statement of account report helps you by detailing all transactions took made for an account on a particular financial period
Summarized balance sheet
This report gives you a summarized balance sheet report which does not go in details just to give you the information needed for the decision making process.
Income Statement
This report shows you all your earnings compared to your expenses and shows your business profitability.
Cash flow statement
This report gives you full information about outgoing cash and incoming cash and the liquidity status of your company.
Trial balance
This report is crucial for your accountants as it gives them the ability to review and verify the ending balance of each account.

Recommended System Requirements

The recommended system should be as follows:

Processor Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, Intel Core TM Duo, or Above
Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 Recommended) or Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, Or Enterprise with Service Pack1 (Certified for 32-bit Windows XP And Windows Vista) or Window 7(32 Bit)
Memory 1GB Recommended
Hard Disk Space 1.5GB of available hard-disk space additional free space required During Installation (cannot install on Flash-based storage devices).
Display 1024X768, 1280X800 or higher resolution
CD-ROM Drive Required
Internet 56 Kbps (broadband recommended for online services)
Printer Any printer compatible with Windows XP SP2 or later
Additional Software Microsoft Office 2010, Version 14

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions

What makes SIJIL ERP system unique among the other packages in the market?
Is work quality going to improve as a result of using SIJIL?
Is SIJIL a multi-user system?
How much is the cost of acquiring SIJIL ERP?
Is installing SIJIL easy or difficult?
What can I do when I face problems with SIJIL?
What are the system requirements for SIJIL?

What makes SIJIL ERP system unique among the other packages in the market?

SIJIL financial system and ERP is designed according to the latest international standard financial principles which makes it the solution for today and tomorrow

Is work quality going to improve as a result of using SIJIL?

SIJIL is a process centric application which means that it will improve all the business processes within your company based on the closed process flows for each business process like accounting, purchasing, sales, stock control, fixed assets and HR and payroll.

Is SIJIL a multi-user system?

SIJIL is designed to work as a multi user desktop application which can be used by many users at the same time depending on how many licenses you are granted.

How much is the cost of acquiring SIJIL ERP?

SIJIL when is compared to the market prices will be found a cost effective application also when evaluating SIJIL we should evaluate from the perspective of investment not the cost perspective what we really promise you is that you’ll get the highest return on investment compared to any other solution in the market.

Is installing SIJIL easy or difficult?

SIJIL ERP is known by the use of installation without the need of any technical support, the installation process is straight forward by running the installation wizard.

What can I do when I face problems with SIJIL?

Rawabit is offering its customers with a professional technical support 24/7 via telephone calls as well as emails also remote support is available

What are the system requirements for SIJIL?

You can know all the system requirements details through the following link