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Sijil Software Solutions creates comprehensive integrated financial solutions, which are designed for small to medium sized companies in the Kingdom and Middle East.
Sijil dedicates itself to finding the most reliable solutions possible for automating or streamlining mission-critical business tactics. We also aim to provide expert support for our ventures.

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Why Sijil Software

Because the SIJIL ERP is complete, modular, flexible and a highly integrated software solution it has grown to be one of the best accounting financial solutions in the entire Middle Eastern market.

This growth is chiefly due to the use of High End Technology Tools that have gone into the creating of this software.

When you use SIJIL ERP, you can easily process General Ledger, Sales, Asset Management, Purchases, HRMS as well as Payroll in addition to various other useful information – all this with the click of a few buttons.

SIJIL ERP avoids all forms of financial complexity and hence it’s a user friendly interface that is really easy to use, primarily because it guides you through the automation of your data. Hence, you can track all accounting, inventory management, asset management, HRMS and Payroll processes easily.