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Sijil Software Solutions creates comprehensive integrated financial solutions, which are designed for small to medium sized companies in the Kingdom and Middle East.
Sijil dedicates itself to finding the most reliable solutions possible for automating or streamlining mission-critical business tactics. We also aim to provide expert support for our ventures.

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SIJIL Products
Sijil Lite

Sijil Lite is a single integrated ledger that combines the functionality of nominal, receivable and payable ledgers, with sophisticated and flexible transaction entry, and a real time financial transaction processing engine, Sijil Accounting module shows the impact of any financial posting real time.

Sijil Standard

Sijil Standard comes with the entire features as provided by Sijil Lite, apart from that Sijil Inventory module can give you up - to - minute’s purchase, sales, customer and vendor information. This module is designed to provide you with accurate information in all aspects of Inventory to ensure that all tools are available to manage and control inventory in most accurate manner.

Sijil Professional

Managing your resources profitably is your ultimate goal. With SIJIL you can manage your most critical resources in a better fashion, using SIJIL integrated solutions for Financial management, Sales management, Procurement management, Fixed assets management and finally your most important resource which is the Human resources management can help...

Sijil Enterprises

SIJIL believes that expansion both vertically and horizontally is the destiny of any successful business. While SIJIL is supporting your vertical expansion by its ability to handle the largest volume of transactions, it also gives you the ability to expand horizontally by integrating your remote sites all in one application. SJIL enterprise multiple Site application utilizes the most efficient...