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Sijil Software Solutions creates comprehensive integrated financial solutions, which are designed for small to medium sized companies in the Kingdom and Middle East.
Sijil dedicates itself to finding the most reliable solutions possible for automating or streamlining mission-critical business tactics. We also aim to provide expert support for our ventures.

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Learn About Sijil

Sijil  ERP is  one  of the best  Accounting  Financial Solution available in the Middle East Market.  Sijil ERP is complete, modular, flexible and highly  integrated  financial solution developed under high End Technolgoy Tools.

Manage your financial business effectively
Sijil ERP helps you process General Ledger, Sales, Purchase, Asset Management, HRMS & Payroll and more - all with the click of a few buttons.
Sijil ERP avoids financial Complexity and is easy to use, user friendly    interface guides you through the automation of your data, hence track all accounting, Inventory Management, Asset Management, HRMS & Payroll process easily.

Analyse your business in more than you think...
At  the  heart  of  this  solution,    is  a  single   integrated ledger that    combines   the   functionality   of   nominal, receivable  and   payable   ledgers,   with  sophisticated and flexible   transaction entry, and a real time financial transaction processing engine, Sijil Acconting module shows the impact of any financial posting real time.
    Structured accounting tree with  real time updated balance     Trial Balance
Transaction Voucher like ( JV, CR, Db, RV, PV ) Profit & Loss Statement
Cost Center Definition Balance Sheet
Bank / Bank Reconcillation Standard Reports with capability to Customize further
General Ledger with drill down to transaction level Business Intelligent Reporting exportable to PDF & EXCEL

Manage your Inventory effectively
You can’t  manage  what you can’t measure  so  you’ll be pleased to know that Sijil Inventory module can give you up - to - minutes    purchase / sales and customer / vendor information.  This module is designed to provide you  with acurate information in all aspects of Inventory to ensure that all tools are available to manage and control inventory in most accurate manner.
You can maintain item using different valuation methods like LIFO, FIFO, AVG etc. it allows you to track your items based on serial   no. Batch etc. Barcode and scanning is used for retail business.
    Stock Control & Costing     Purchase order
Multi warehouse & location control Purchase Invoice / Delivery / Return
Assembly / Disassembly Sales Invoice / Delivery / Return
Stock Adjustment & Inventory Transfer Account payable / Receivable Invoices
Requisition & Quotation Comparision    

Plan Fixed Asset Management
Sijil  Fixed  Asset  Management  can  have  a   substantial impact on the profitability of any customer.  As we know it  is  mandatory   requirement  for  most of  the business organisations to maintain an  up - to - date Fixed Asset Records.
This module has the functionality to cover Asset Management, Depreciation, Asset Accounting, Maintenance, Barcoding and Asset life cycle process.
    Multiple methods of Depreciation     Barcording labels
Provides quick on screen inquiries of Asset status Asset Repair
Purchase / Sales Asset Accounting
Financial valuation Profit & Loss for Asset sold
Planned Maintenance & Insurance Dispose and obsolescence

Automate  Administrative Process with HRMS/Payroll
Sijil  HRMS  &   Payroll    helps  you  to  control   labor  cost, minimise   Compliance  risk &  improve productivity and manage talent with ease.
With HRMS  module you  have a single  source solution that  offers  you  complete automation of employee data and payroll module enables  you to  define  and  manage  your diverse payroll requirement that  reflect your company policies.
    Employee Details Management     Loan Register
Document Management like Visa, Iqama, Passport etc. Attendance posting to payroll
Leave Management Module End of service Benefits
HR Policy Annoucements